“Working with Java Virtual Machine” 读书笔记(一)

Chapter 2 Overview of JVM architecture, Section 2 Runtime Data Areas in JVM
JVM data area:
1. Method area
2. Heap
3. PC Register
4. Java Stack
5. Native Method Stack
Method area: Shared among all JVM thread
1. name
2. super class
3. class/interface
4. modifier
5. list of super interfaces
6. Other:
a. Constant pool
b. field info
c. method info
d. class var
e. ref to Classloader
f. ref to Class
1. Handle pool: pointer to object(in object pool) & class(in method area)
2. Object pool (instances)
Such design is for the avoiding fragmentation
Stach: 2 types
1. Frame for func activation
2. Operand for instructions, arg & ret of JVM instruction
Java Stack Component
1. local var
2. execution env
3. operand stack
JDK — JRE — JVM — bytecode Interpreter, GC, Class manager, …
\            \
classlib — byte code

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